Books by E. J. Bartek

(All related to the philosophy of Trinityism*)

Ultimate Principles I, Principles

Ultimate Principles II, Morality

Ultimate Principles III, Truth

Ultimate Principles: Theology

Ultimate Principles: Philosophy

Ultimate Philosophy: Trinityism

Philosophy of Trinityism

Trinityism Applied, Vol. I, II

Trinitarian Philosophy of History

Universal Trinitarian Ethics

Trinitarian Philosophical Psychology

Unifying Principles of the Mind

The Mind of Future Man

Truth and Wisdom (Verses), Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4

Truth and Wisdom Poems , Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Fated Philosopher (Autobiography

Why I Was (A Fated Philosopher

A Treasury of Parables

To Relax Tension

To Go to Sleep

Dream-analysis for Self-analysis

*Some have run out of copies

Unpublished Book-manuscripts by E. J. Bartek

Ultimate Principles, Science

Trinityism Applied, Vol. III, IV, V

Unitary Principles of God-Man-Nature

Parallels: Roman and Western Civilization

Trinitarian Essays

300 Analyzed Dreams

Three Lives for One (A novel)

Modern Parables

3333 Trinitarian Truths (Proverbs)

Creation (A Game)