(The Superior/Inferior Principle)

Relativity of Values: Basically, everyone is tall relative to someone, medium relative to someone smaller and taller, and smaller relative to the taller. So no one is just tall, medium, or small. Rather, everyone is tall-medium-small relative to others. This relative principle applies to all human values.

All Men are Superior-Normal-Inferior, not equal: On this principle, no one is just "Superior", "Normal" or "Inferior", but each person is superior in something relative to an inferior person in something, and inferior relative to a superior in something. So no one is just superior or inferior, for all are superior/inferior in something. (Note: It is easier to say "Superior/Inferior" than "Superior/Normal/Inferior", so "Normal", although understood as part of this trinity, is omitted in this article).

Basis of Man being Superior-Inferior: Man is a balancing trinity of spiritual-rational-sensual beings, but he is dominant in one of these beings. This dominant being is his innate identity. Within himself and to others he tends to be superior in the qualities his dominant being, but inferior in his subordinate beings. This is the innate basis of man being a superior/inferior person. So basically, all persons are uniquely different and unequal, but all are equal as superior/inferior beings.

The Superior-Inferior Principle Applied to Society: all rational persons should be able to apply the Superior/Inferior Principle to deny the emotional ego conflict as to who is superior and inferior. As society is the collective extension of the individual, so that which applies, in principle on the individual range will apply on other social ranges. So the Superior/Inferior Principles applies on and between all of the progressive ranges of society, which include the family, group, city, nation, civilization, and humanity.


No Emotional Bias, Bigotry, and Intolerance, for all would live in a rational harmonious unity that denies irrational emotion. This rational harmony would be between one's own diverse spiritual-rational-sensual beings, and with those who are also superior-inferior relative to themselves and to others.

No Extreme Superiors or Inferiors: Where all are superior/Inferior, there would be no arrogant superiority or abject inferiority, for one extreme feeling would be neutralized and moderated by the other.

No Emotional Ego-conflicts: There would be no defensive ego-conflicts or hostile actions by superiors to keep inferiors in their place, nor would there be ego-conflict and hostile actions by inferiors to equalize superiors down to their level; for there would be no emotional threat to ego-survival where all are superior/inferior.

No Emotional Envy, Jealousy, Hatred: Judging by comparison is reasoning. There would be no emotional envy, hatred, or jealousy for others, while there is the rationality of judging the individual and group as being superior/inferior.

More Tolerance of the Lesser and the Greater: There would be toleration for those having greater and lesser things, for all will be have greater and lesser things than others relative to all others.

No False Competition: There would be no false competition of inferior traits competing with superior traits; for relative to others, all would be winners in their dominant traits, and all would be losers in their subordinate traits. The inferiority in one trait would not compete with the superiority in another trait, but would neutralize each other to a state of harmony. Those with medium traits could compete with other mediums, but not with superiors or inferiors.The same applies to superiors and inferiors.

Enables Self-competition for Self-improvement: Self -competition would be had by competing within oneself to eliminate inferior qualities while seeking for superior qualities. This enables one to achieve his ideal Primary Purpose in Life of Self and Social Perfection. This is achieved by fulfilling one's spiritual-rational-sensual potential to the maximum, consistent with one's dominant being, while moderating this to enable the ultimate happiness of Self and Social Perfection.


No Identity Conflicts: If all accepted the Superior/Inferior Principle, there would be no confusing identity conflicts, for in knowing that one is superior-inferior relative to his dominant being, then he knows the answer to, "Who am I?". He could then guide his life accordingly, relative to his own acceptable values as differing from others.

All Judged as Individuals: All would be judged as individuals, for one cannot judge a superior/inferior person without comparing his superior and inferior qualities with those of another person. So all would be rationally judged by their individual superior/inferior traits, not by just one trait, or by association to a group.

All Judged by Rational Standards: All would be judged as being good, normal, or bad by a rational standard of comparison of what was superior, normal, or inferior, or good, fair, or bad. One cannot have emotional opinions while rationally judging comparisons.

All Would be More Virtuous, for virtues are relative to being superior or inferior. Thus, there are virtues like altruism, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, tolerance, and compassion that are relative to being superiors in a trait or social position. Likewise, there are virtues like humility, respect, obedience, duty, loyalty, and allegiance that depend on inferiors caring for superiors in a trait or position. Where all are "equal in everything", all virtues are denied.

Less Fear and More Freedom of expression: A person is a trinity of spiritual-rational-sensual beings, but is dominant in one of these beings. Relative to himself and others he is a superior-inferior person. He is superior in his dominant traits and inferior in his subordinate traits. If he were dominantly spiritual in a dominantly sensual society, he would fear to express his spiritual nature; vice versa for the sensual in a spiritual society. But where all are superior/inferior, all could freely express their superior and inferior traits within the limits of moderation.

More Freedom of Choice: All will have the most freedoms to do the most goods, for all will have a rational choices between the superior-normal-inferior values within themselves, and within a superior-normal-inferior society. Such freedoms are denied where al are deemed to be equal in all things, for there can be no choices where all are equal in everything.

More Rationality: All would be more rational, for one cannot judge a superior/inferior person without using rational standards and values of comparison. One cannot judge between superior-normal-inferior values without being rational.

More Self and Social Respect: Respect is only for what is superior; whether it be moral, mental, or physical. Where all are superior/inferior, all will have something to self-respect and to be respected by others.

More Compassion: Compassion is only for what is inferior; whether for what is poor, sick, or suffering. Where all are superior/inferior, all will have something to receive compassion, and have reason to give others compassion.

More Human Dignity: Human dignity comes from having respect and compassion. Where all are superior/inferior, all will be worthy of respect, compassion, and human dignity. These qualities are denied where "all men are equal" in everything.

The truth and practicality of the Superior/Inferior Principle is verified by simply looking at oneself and all others as being superior/inferior relative to oneself and to all others.