These quotes are from students in colleges courses in philosophy, psychology, ethics, and philosophy of religion, as taught by the author:

You've turned my life around. (Most frequent response).

I have been in a hospital, seen a psychiatrist, went to a marriage counselor, took assertiveness training. Nothing has helped me as much as this class. It was tremendous.

I got more out of it than a year of therapy. Many personal problems were resolved. It tied more loose ends in regards to human nature than any other course or life-experience I've had.

I'm now aware of where I go, what I do, and why I do it.

I was asked what I wanted from this class. I wrote, "More knowledge about anything." What I got was more knowledge about EVERYTHING--the basis of all knowledge."

I can now say who I am and what my purpose in life is.

I learned to resolve conflicts. Too bad they don't make this course mandatory in grade schools,

It showed me how to live life in the fullest, and answered why.

What I learned may be applied to everything.

I learned about life, and I advise all to take this course.

I could not have a better base for my Master's Degree.

This course was my "high". I looked forward to it.

May the minds of philosophers be opened to the greatest of philosophies--Trinityism.

What I thought would be my worst class was my best.

It helped me to take a lot of bits of information and to organize them into a single, coherent system.

I can apply the principles learned in this class to any other class, or to life in general.

It opened doors I never knew existed.

I am able to discern truth from fantasy.

People I could not tolerate are now being tolerated.

My interest in philosophy has been peaked.

I now know an Age of No-values may be controlled by man.

The idea of history being like a seasonal calendar--it's true, especially since I took a history course.

It affected my thinking as no other event has.

It opened my eyes. I now see where there was nothing, and I understand where there was no understanding.

It gave peace, contentment, hope, and reason for being.

It affected every fact of my existence.

Its change is total and still growing.

This was, without doubt, the best class I ever took.

It was so simple, so moderate, so rational, so easy to understand and accept without challenge.

Where do I begin--I learned so much.

I am awed at what I learned. It is unbelievable that others do not accept this knowledge.

I now can see all sides of a problem.

The knowledge from this class was palpably the most useful that I have ever gained from many courses.

I no longer have problems without solutions.

I want to learn more about everything around me.

All students should take this class.

I now have a head full of new ideas that require me to do more reading that I have ever done.

I find myself THINKING. What a wonderful awareness!

It answered many questions of life that bothered me.

I feel I could have predicted what was said in history.

This philosophy's like a map--it gives guidance and direction.

Its principles help me to answer almost any question.

It opened my eyes, to see what's not plain to see.

Everyone on earth should take this course.

It could eliminate the need for drugs.

Shape the mind of future man by these teachings.

I applied it to my life, and happiness came.

Everything, everybody relates to the trinity of values.

The lessons I learned are too numerous to mention.

The trinity of values can be applied to everything.

Where begin? I thought I was open-minded--I'm more so.

I learned most from your book THE MIND OF FUTURE MAN.

It's all so simple, yet I haven't been able to find criticism with it. It makes perfect sense.

Why isn't this the universal philosophy?

THE MIND OF FUTURE MAN was interesting and well-written. (Shame on the M.C.C. library--SHAME. (For banning it).

For children, your ethics should be with the 3-R's.

If all had the ultimate premises, we'd all be the best.

I think it should be taught in grade schools. We would have a lot less confused children.

I now know how to resolve ethical problems not covered in my graduate and undergraduate classes.

I now understand history, which no history class could ever, or did ever teach me.

I lost prejudices of which I was unaware.

There were so many questions, and you answered all of them. I wish there were more time to answer even more.

My benefits are many, far more than I could possibly list in a short time.

I learned it is possible for different religions to exist harmoniously.

I wish I had taken this course sooner in life.

The simplicity, the breaking down of so many factors to basics has cleared my mind of so much of my floundering.

It ties all together--a rational answer for everything

Today's problems, that seemed to have no answers, were answered, and were clearly discerned and understood.

It's too bad that teenagers can't be taught this.

I've taken many courses--none challenged like this one.

I found nothing but truth in it.

I now understand things and why I do them.

It was a mind-stimulant--in class and at home..

It taught me to think clearly, to ask "Why?".

I now see reasons behind actions of myself and others.

I've learned to reason and to judge values..

I learned to ask questions, to see three sides to issues.

I learned to have an open mind, to see another's view.

I am more tolerant of other's ideas.

I apply its principles to other classes.

It helped my learning in all my other classes.

I place everything into the trinity of values.

I've related the philosophy to everyday living.

I now relate Trinityism to my life and relationships.

I now use my learning at work and at home.

This class was a "process" for me.

I am now a much broader person--a better person.

I will leave this class a better person.

I'd recommend this class to anyone; in fact, I have.

You have been a significant teacher in my life.