One's now edge and practice of the following abstract concept words manifests his spiritual, rational, or sensual nature. In terms of rational judgement, these "virtue words" manifest the changing trinity of values in a civilization.

Words in the first column manifest spiritual, altruistic goodness, and are best for social morality and unity. Words in the second column manifest rational cooperative moderation and judgement, and are best for self-control and group freedom. Words in the third column manifest selfish sensual pleasure; excesses, vices, or what is "evil" and disintegrating in terms of those who are dominantly spiritual or rational. They are "bad" in terms of the spiritual and rational who believe in the first two columns, although they may be "good" for the sensual and those who believe in individual freedom.

To gain one set of values, in balance is to lose the other two sets. Thus the Modern sensual age tends to eliminate spiritual-rational words which describe pleasures and luxuries as being "bad". And as tolerance of "evil" increases in a sensual age, and as more practice it, most words used to describe "evil" tend to be eliminated. This leads to a reversal of values and meanings, then to no-meaning. This leads to a non-spiritual, non-rational, non-sensual, non-moral, non-verbal "Dark Age" of no-values.

Trinity of Historical Changes in Political Values
                       -                      ±                        +    
                   SPIRITUAL    ——————>    RATIONAL      ——————>    SENSUAL  
                   (MEDIEVAL)              (RENAISSANCE)            (MODERN) 
                   Agreeable               Acquiescent              Disagreeable 
                   Altruistic              Idealistic               Conceited 
                   Allegiance              Loyalty                  Traitorous 
                   Angelic                 Manly                    Devilish 
                   Ascetic                 Temperistic              Hedonistic 
                   Aspiring                Fulfilling               Despairing 
                   Benevolent              Kind                     Avaricious 
                   Blessed                 Good                     Wicked 
                   Careful                 Cautious                 Reckless 
                   Character               Personality              Popularity 
                   Chastity                Modesty                  Lewdness 
                   Chivalrous              Gallant                  Rude 
                   Christian               Humane                   Selfish 
                   Companion               Compatriot               Comrade 
                   Compassionate           Sympathetic              Unsympathetic 
                   Conscientious           Industrious              Lazy 
                   Considerate             Understanding            Inconsiderate 
                   Cordial                 Harmonious               Uncordial 
                   Courteous               Polite                   Impolite 
                   Credulous               Skeptical                Cynical 
                   Dignified               Poised                   Clumsy 
                   Deficient               Moderate                 Excessive 
                   Disciplined             Self-disciplined         Undisciplined
                   Discriminating          Judging                  Indiscriminate
                   Divine                  Human                    Beastly 
                   Faithful                Loyal                    Unfaithful 
                   Frugality               Temperance               Prodigality 
                   Godlike                 Human                    Satanic 
                   Good                    Fair                     Evil 
                   Good-mannered           Well-mannered            Ill-mannered 
                   Grateful                Appreciative             Ungrateful 
                   Heroic                  Courageous               Fearful 
                   Honesty                 Discretion               Dishonesty 
                   Honored                 Gloried                  Dishonored 
                   Humility                Pride                    Arrogance 
                   Innocence               Modesty                  Sinful 
                   Intolerant              Tolerant                 Bigoted 
                   Kind                    Humane                   Unkind
                   Love                    Romance                  Sex 
                   Loving                  Friendly                 Hateful 
                   Meditative              Contemplative            Lustful 
                   Moral                   Amoral                   Immoral 
                   Mystical                Humanistic               Mechanistic 
                   Noble                   Proud                    Ignoble 
                   Obedient                Cooperative              Rebellious 
                   Orderly                 Well-ordered             Disorderly 
                   Passionate              Sober                    Apathetic 
                   Patience                Discretion               Impatience 
                   Pious                   Patriotic                Individualistic 
                   Pity                    Sympathy                 Mockery 
                   Purity                  Cleanliness              Impurity 
                   Reactionary             Moderate                 Radical 
                   Respectful              Self-respecting          Disrespectful 
                   Responsible             Self-responsible         Irresponsible 
                   Sanctify                Rationalize              Desecrate 
                   Saintly                 Refined                  Roguish 
                   Sentimental             Sympathetic              Unfeeling 
                   Sincerity               Honesty                  Insincerity 
                   Self-conscious          Conscious                Unconscious 
                   Self-denial             Self-control             Self-gratification 
                   Self-deprecating        Self-fulfilling          Self-indulgent 
                   Self-humiliating        Humbled                  Boastful 
                   Self-sacrificing        Self-satisfying          Self-concerned 
                   Sacred                  Artistic                 Sacrilegious 
                   Servant                 Cooperative              Uncooperative 
                   Shameful                Guilty                   Pleasant 
                   Sinful                  Unethical                Illegal 
                   Sociable                Congenial                Unsociable 
                   Subordinate             Protocol                 Insubordinate 
                   Theistic                Agnostic                 Atheistic 
                   Trustworthy             Reliable                 Untrustworthy 
                   Truthful                Discrete                 Lying 
                   Tyranny                 Freedom                  Anarchy 
                   Upgrading               Stable                   Degrading 
                   Upright                 Righteous                Downright 
                   Valor                   Bravery                  Cowardice 
                   Veneration              Respect                  Disrespect 
                   Virginity               Chastity                 Impurity 
                   Virtue                  Vanity                   Vulgarity 
                   Wise                    Scholarly                Knowledgeable 
                   Wisdom                  Sagacity                 Cleverness
                       -        ——————>       ±          ——————>       +