Changing natural values may be categorized under the generic balancing trinity of Negative-Neutral-Positive values. Changing human values may be categorized under the balancing trinity of Spiritual-Rational-Sensual...Emotive (No-value) values. These apply on all of the progressive ranges of society. The following listing of trinities apply to Western, Christian, Caucasian Civilization, in terms of its Medieval-Renaissance-Modern...Emotive (No-value) Ages.

The words listed under each age may be verified by reading any book on Western Civilization. As trinities have balancing changes, when words are gained in one age, they are lost in a previous age. What applies to Western Civilization, in principle, applies to its nation, groups, families, and individuals. In other terms they apply to philosophy, history, politics, sociology, psychology, and their related branches.

These trinities are a basis for knowing the truest meaning of words, for a word is defined only by words in its column, or by what it is not relative to words in other columns. Spiritual values evidence their meaning in being the antithesis of sensual values, and rational values being a synthesis of spiritual-sensual values.

Change in any branch of knowledge, or in any aspect of a branch of knowledge, may be explained, illustrated, related, developed, and unified in terms of these trinities and their structures. These trinities are also a basis for knowing what is true, moral, just, and beautiful, and a basis for having ideal standards, values, principles, and virtues.

As these trinities of value may be found in most, if not all disciplines, it verifies how Trinityism is a pending Grand Unifying Theory for most, if not all knowledge. It is a basis for perceiving, predicting, and controlling changing values on all ranges of society.